Cinewhoop for sale

T-Motor F1507 3800KV Cinewhoop Motor

Not only support 4S powerbut also possesses high quality video and clear footage. What an awesome drone! Great choice for cruising, you can get tons of fun and speed in this cinewhoop. Note: the video is upscaled to 4K. The primary purpose of the Beta85X drone is for a cinematic whoop drone.

SmartAudio is available for VTX remote control in default. F4 V2 FC. And don't use KV motors for 3S power, the performance will not be as good as the KV motors since lack of power. There are no batteries included for all version. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in hardest cornering. Know more about "Props Out". Cli Dump of Beta85X Click here to find the details. Block diagram for the camera used on the 85X. Find the details on our support page. How to set up smart audio vtx control?

Multirotor Guide gives you the most straightforward explanation. The consumer will not be charged any fees for approved warranty service. Each claim should have all proof of defect by mean of photo or video showing clearly the defect of the product. Please create a ticket to send us photos or video of your product, a detailed description of your issue, and a description of what you have already done to fix it.

With those big volume products in your package, while your package is more than 99USD, we are sorry that we still need to charge you some shipping fee.

If your place doesn't have a Chanel to ship, We will send an email to inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience. For European customers, if your parcel includes only batteries, it will take a longer time for the parcel to arrive in your country. Shipments will be sent to the address entered on our web page during checkout.I will explain how to select components to build your own and a few tips getting it fly nicely!

Cinewhoops are great tool for capturing cinematic footage. They are slow but stable, and can fly around people and properties relatively safely. With the built-in stabilization from the latest GoPro or using 3rd party softwareyou can get some pretty amazing silky smooth footage. And you will be spending some time to learn how to control it smoothly and maintaining a stable altitude. But you will be surprised how much fun and easy it is to capture such amazing and cinematic footage, being really close to your subject.

Too lazy to build a cinewhoop yourself?

cinewhoop for sale

Not sure what components to choose? You can just buy a pre-built model off the shelf! Some of these are BNF bind and fly which means they even include the radio receiver. Another advantage of BNF is community support. You can get advice on how to use and tune it, or simply copy settings from another pilot who also fly the exact same model.

Reptile Cloud — similar to the Donut, with a slightly bigger frame that allows you to run 3. CineWhoop frames are like bigger Tiny Whoops, the props are entirely protected by plastic ducts, so the chance of cutting anything with spinning props is extremely low.

A couple of things that might affect your purchase decision: ease to build and maintain, and duct performance. The ducts not only have to be strong against crashes, they will certainly have a negative effect on thrust, so manufacturers always try to come up with a design that maximizes performance.

When it comes to duct material, these are usually 3D printed. The Shendrones Squirt V2 is currently getting a lot of attention on social media. There are more 3D printed designs and accessories available when there are more people using it.

The Bumblebee seems to be a relatively complicated frame to work with, for example you have to take both the front ducts off just to tighten the camera, probably not the greatest frame to build and maintain.

The Diatone Taycan below is better in that regard, but is also heavier. The difference is not that big of a deal though, considering how heavy these cinewhoops are anyway. The numbers indicate stator size, the bigger the stator, the more torque a motor can generate. If you are new to motors you should check out this tutorial. You can use bigger motors, but the extra weight might outweigh the benefits, as we want to try and keep the overall weight low.

Motor KV will mostly depend on your battery choice i. You can find out other benefits of 6S in this article. Props are relatively inexpensive, test a bunch of them on your particular setup is the only way to find out which prop is best for you.

There are a few things to look for when testing:. A lighter battery would give you better agility, but might also feel floaty and makes throttle harder to control.

For 4S, mAh, mAh and mAh are the popular capacities. A lot of these cine frames are designed to fit the DJI air unit. But you will be fine using analog for FPV as well. Most people with a cinewhoop fly both indoor and outdoor, through obstacles and challenging lighting conditions, having an FPV camera with good wide dynamic range really helps.

You can pick up any camera you want and here are our FPV camera recommendations. But in my opinion, the Runcam Micro Eagle is the best out there in terms of dynamic range. As for VTX, it should be small and light weight, mW is probably enough for the most part. But it should also have lower power options such as 25mW, which is probably better for flying inside concrete structures where you will get multipath interference.

It would also help when you fly behind trees and thin walls.You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information.

This makes perfect sense: Robert is the pioneer of what you might call 'rate mode aerial photography', producing amazing hybrid videos that, while stabilized, require piloting skills beyond what one can do with a DJI style drone. Check out 'Muscle Up' for a perfect example of his precision flying. Randy put me in touch with Robert and we started chatting. Turns out that Robert's rigs are nothing like what I was working on. He has 3" and 5" rigs the 5" rig is built on my Danaus with prop guards and a servo driven one axis gimbal.

Sometime they have 2 vtx's so a second operator can control HD cam tilt. The smaller rigs have decased GoPros. You can see his smaller rig in the thumbnail image of the Muscle Up raw video. What Robert really wanted was an upgrade to his 3" rig, something that can hit tiny gaps and still carry all that gear well. My first thought was a ducted frame, given all the weight and need for prop guards, so job number one was to build a proof of concept to see if I could create a frame that could haul all that mass and still fly well.

The Liberty Ducted Quad has a full top and bottom plate, but to save weight here I opted for just a pared down bottom plate. Then I paired up the ducts on each side into a single print so they could help stiffen things up.

Cinewhoop // The Shendrone Squirt

After that the rest was pretty straightforward — it'll all have to be changed to accommodate Robert anyway. I built it up with an old Racerstar 4in1, Radiance, and Rotorgeeks kv motors.

I intentionally made the ducts really tight to the props. On the LDQ the props always touch the ducts, and the motors grind away the ducts so the gap is as small as possible for maximum efficiency. I usually make fpv cam mounts grip the lens barrel, but with the cam safely tucked away behind the ducts I made this mount grip the lens thread, with the lens protruding beyond the mount, so it'll work with any lens.

I made the cam mount with 3 tilts, degrees. The first flight at 25 went well enough it needed more P and I with the weight of the ductsso I tried it at 40 degrees next. It flew surprisingly well, very similar to a racing quad in feel, but just waaaaay slower with all that frontal area. So, it flies well enough, but I wanted to quantify the benefits of the ducts to be sure that they're worth their 64g weight AUW is g with a I broke out the clamp-down pivot from my arm design thrust stand rig.

The frame was taped to the dowel on one end, and the other end sat on a scale. The scale side was weighted 'til it was just a bit heavier than the frame, and then the scaled was tared.

Each run was done on a fully charged battery, readings were taken off a video at 5 frame intervals. Here's a low speed spin up just to give you an idea how the rig works:. I got g with ducts on, g with ducts off. That 1mm gap was bothering me, so I broke out a fresh set of props and slowly sanded them down until theyjust started to spin freely.

With the improved tolerance thrust went up to g. I was curious about the numbers at full throttle, so I did two more quick and scary runs.Availability: Available Unavailable. There's always that customer that has this indoor project but just want to get footage in 4K.

Here's the BNF you need to get the job done! You have this location you wanna fly in, but no way you'd fly your standard razor blades around you or your friends? Please click here for more details! Close Menu. With the p fps video in your Power Options 4S 6S. Add to cart. We've also added a new bumper approach in cooperation with Laurent Athenol Frame-Concept. Small space? Tight gaps? Indoor safety? But you need that 4K? Well, here goes your GoPro! Do you just love the style and the fact that "props just won't break that often"?

cinewhoop for sale

Features - No Props or frame in view! Slide controls. Powered by. Write A Review. Ask A Question. You are connected as. Connect with:. Thank you for posting a review! We value your input.Jack Towne. They are small, stable, and safer than your typical FPV drone, and you can capture some pretty amazing cinematic footage.

I figured I could do it for less and I was right. Cine comes from cinematic. Whoop comes from Tiny Whoop, a popular small drone that has ducts protecting the propellers. This allows the pilot more precision and control while filming.

Multi 1v1 commands

It also takes a lot more practice to do well. First, let me say that I absolutely love this thing. It is my first all-from-scratch build and it flies awesomely. I wanted to build something that could carry my GoPro and had ducts so I could fly around obstacles and things that might be sensitive to potential crashes.

Let me break down the build and the components I used.

cinewhoop for sale

But as it turns out, Banggood put together a great starting package using the same components I recommend. It is a 3-inch ducted design and does the job. The later production models have higher quality TPU printed parts. I do like the Donut, and it has served me well so far. My biggest gripe is the screws and how they mount to the ducts.

I may look into printing my own with small bolts and nuts. The ducts all start out orange. I painted mine silver. That certainly is a preference thing. I found that the VHB tape I used had a tendency to not stick to the painted surface very well, and it is important to make sure the camera is secure.

There are plenty of flight controllers out there to use, and I highly recommend picking up an all-in-one stack. I used the Mamba F7 stack. It is an absolute overkill, but Banggood sent me an extra one to test.

I love that it has Speedybee Bluetooth so I can connect to Betaflight on my phone, rather than having to plug into a USB with my computer.

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That is particularly important as the USB port is blocked by the ducts, and they have to be removed to get to it.By stripping down the GoPro Hero 6 and removing all the unnecessary parts you can reduce the weight drastically from g to 17g. This guide will be focusing on the GoPro Hero 6.

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I started another post just for the Hero 8. Once you finished the tear down, you should test it by connecting USB module, buttons and touch screen to the logic board:. Make sure the BEC is rated at 1A as a minimum just to be safe.

The Hero 4 for example is estimated to operate at 2. You could even cut the ribbon cable and solder directly to it. Thanks to Kim Tang for this idea, you could solder the 5V wire to this capacitor shown in the following image.

Getting Started with CineWhoop

Make sure you double check with your multimeter to confirm you have the right location before soldering. This allows very clean wiring, no need for the USB-C connector at all, but the solder point is quite tiny so do this at your own risk.

It sits directly on top on the main board and have a small profile. It breaks out the buttons and LED and solder pads, making it super convenient to use.

You can use this on the GoPro Hero 6 and 7 Logic board.

Roll 36d6

For more detail see my review. If you still want to do so, make sure the voltage does not exceed 4. You also need to use the PCB inside the original battery because one wire is for 1wire comm for the gopro to detect a valid battery.

See Yellow line at top right corner of the pinout diagram. As soon as you give it power, the GoPro will turn on. This emulates the power button being pressed permanently. You can connect the original shutter button, the benefit is you will also get Audio, because the microphone is located on the same part. Probably the most reliable and headache-free method, recommend. Anyway use whatever you want, and do so at your own risk. First of all, you need an FC with a Buzzer- pad buzzer negative pad.

Enter these lines in CLI remember to change pin number! We are using the radio switch to simulate the record button, but sometimes if you leave the switch HIGH for too long, or not long enough, it might stop the recording unexpectedly, and that leaves you with a 2 or 3 seconds clip.The journey for my involvement with the squirt is a little bit of a weird process.

Your DJI Mavic can't do this. You need a Cinewhoop

First of all, I wanted to call out all of the inspirational material listed below. Please give them a read and see why each of them has impacted me in some way. I saw the video and watched it a few times.

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While this was not the first of its kind that I had seen, I remember that is stuck with me better than anything else. The choreography, taking time to think things through ahead of time, and going places that cameras could never go made this really special to me. A day or two after I initially saw the video, DRL marketing reached out to me and asked me if I would be interested in trying to create a similar kind of shot at an upcoming DRL race.

Turns out, they did, and it was a project that had just slightly stalled out.

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That being said, we were excited to work together to flesh out the project a little further. Unfortunately, the gig with DRL ended up falling through, and we were unable to shoot the project that we wanted to while at the event. But, since Andy Shen and I had already started down this journey, we aimed to see it all the way through. Eventually, I got my hands on a prototype version. Beautifully cut and printed by Shen, I jumped in and built it up right away for testing.

View this post on Instagram When you gotta get the shot. I built the machine, and started tuning right away.

cinewhoop for sale

When I first got it assembled, I found that there was a lot of slop due to the weight of the machine, so I tuned P values up by around points, and brought the D term up by 5 points to match from default 3. I also increased the I term by about 5 points to help fight against the error introduced by wind, breezes, or prop wash when low to the ground.

BumbleBee HD CineWhoop BNF

I flew it very cautiously for the first handful of flights and tests that I did with the machine, almost never doing any kind of hard maneuvers or major elevation changes. Essentially, the whole quad would torque, go to full throttle to try to get out of the yaw torque, and then continue climbing and being annoying.

Turns out. Meanwhile, to get rid of the issues I was having I tried:. After nearly two months of mucking about with it, one difference that Andy and I had not yet resolved together was that he was using custom-cut props.

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